Our Eco-Friendly Cannabis Packaging Options

As a leading supplier of cannabis packaging, the Compliant Packaging team is very conscientious of how the packaging industry has often contributed to excessive waste. Many packaging companies have primarily used single-use plastics in their products for decades. At Compliant Packaging, we aim to provide our customers with eco-friendly cannabis packaging options to shrink their carbon footprints.

some of the eco-friendly cannabis packaging options we offer

If you’re looking for a cannabis packaging supplier that can be a partner to your sustainability and waste-reduction efforts, Compliant Packaging can help! Today, we’re taking a look at some of our top eco-friendly cannabis packaging options, as well as why these efforts and products matter in the first place.

Why sustainability?

Globally, we continue to see the mounting effects of climate change and waste mismanagement. Here at Compliant Packaging, we understand that solving these difficult problems takes responsibility, a lot of effort—and a great deal of cooperation. That’s why we constantly strive to be part of the solution, offering the most sustainable products possible to help our customers and partners be part of that solution, as well. 

Our eco-friendly cannabis packaging options

As part of our sustainability efforts, Compliant Packaging offers a range of eco-friendly cannabis packaging options to suit your needs. Here are some of our popular sustainable packaging products!


Our flagship child-resistant cannabis packaging product, LocTin® is a form of cannabis packaging made from tin. LocTin is made from recycled metal scraps, as both the Compliant team and our manufacturing partner are highly eco-conscious. We’ve even seen these metal scraps in person during a tour of the manufacturing facility

Tin makes for a perfect sustainable packaging option. This metal is highly recyclable, which saves energy, time, and natural resources that would otherwise be used for manufacturing new products. The energy reduction in particular leads to a reduction in carbon output.  

Our tin plate LocTins are completely recyclable. The materials used in those with minor plastic components are easily separated via magnetic recycling equipment currently in use. In addition, LocTins can be repurposed long after your product has been consumed. Overall, this makes LocTin a highly eco-friendly line of cannabis packaging.

EcoPure Biodegradable Jars

Part of the concern when it comes to packaging waste is that many materials commonly used for packaging are not biodegradable, which means they sit in landfills for thousands of years (or more). That’s why we also offer an exclusive line of biodegradable jars.

These jars are biodegradable thanks to the inclusion of EcoPure®, an organic additive that enables plastic-based materials to decompose. Our biodegradable jars are available in a range of sizes and can be used for concentrates, flower, edibles, and more. For an alternative to single-use plastics, biodegradable jars with EcoPure® are the perfect solution!

Recyclable plastics

While we continue to innovate eco-friendly cannabis packaging options made from more sustainable materials, we also understand that plastics are difficult to replace entirely. Plastic is highly affordable, customizable, and durable, leading to its overwhelming popularity in the packaging industry for years. 

Even so, we strive to make our plastic products as eco-friendly as possible. In addition to our biodegradable jars, our Berry Plastics products are more sustainable than traditional single-use plastics. These products are 100% recyclable while qualifying for FDA, CPSC and US Pharmacopeia certifications. 

Looking ahead: Packaging from ocean plastics

At Compliant, we are constantly looking for more sustainable sources of materials to improve our eco-friendly offerings. Currently, we’re exploring the option of using ocean plastic for some of our packaging options. 

Our planet currently faces a crisis in terms of pollution from plastic waste, with many plastic products winding up in the ocean and harming sea life. Reclaiming this plastic for use in packaging products helps to provide a use for this waste without manufacturing additional single-use plastics. Stay tuned for more information about this potential avenue for sustainable packaging options!

Compliant Packaging: Your Partner for Eco-Friendly Cannabis Packaging

A major part of sustainability is responsibility, and at Compliant Packaging, we feel that it’s our responsibility to provide innovative, cutting-edge packaging solutions. Our product offerings aim to meet the business demands of our customers while enabling us to be a partner in their efforts toward sustainability and waste reduction.

If you’re looking for a cannabis packaging partner that weaves sustainability throughout their products and business practices, look no further than Compliant Packaging! Contact us today to hear more about our sustainable products or to get a quote.

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