A Visit to the LocTin® Manufacturer

Ensuring the quality of each of the cannabis packaging products we sell is a core focus for the Compliant Packaging leadership team. Hence why our CEO George Sang recently made a trip overseas to gain a firsthand account of the production of the LocTin®, our flagship child resistant cannabis packaging product.

During the trip, George spent 2 days on site with our manufacturer in China. While touring the facility, George gained an in depth understanding of their processes, met employees and watched the LocTin® being produced. As an eco-conscious company, the use of recycled materials is very important to us. So naturally George was very enthusiastic to have a firsthand account of the metal scraps from our LocTin® production being recycled.

All 5 sizes of the LocTin® are produced in this facility, making George’s trip the perfect insight into the lifecycle of our flagship product. Offering sleek sophistication, the LocTin® is the ideal child resistant cannabis packaging system for flower, cartridges, edibles, concentrate glass and more. Available with custom 4 color printing, custom foam inserts, debossing and embossing, together with the help of our manufacturer, we are enabling our clients to make a big impact in the growing cannabis space.

As pioneers in the child resistance cannabis packaging industry, it was very important to us to partner with a reputable manufacturer. The Compliant Packaging leadership team went to great lengths to find a manufacturer committed to delivering superior quality products while remaining conscious of their carbon footprint. The manufacturer we chose to partner with not only exceeded our expectations, but they also work with some of the largest, most reputable brands in the world.

George’s recent visit was a great opportunity to better get to know our valued partners. We are already looking forward to our next opportunity to visit the plant and innovate together in order to produce superior child resistant cannabis packaging.

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