Child Resistant

Regulations on cannabis packaging vary, but child resistant and child proof packaging is almost universally required. Stay in compliance with our child resistant packaging options.

Stay in Compliance with Child Resistant Packaging

Since 1970, the Poison Prevention Packaging Act has required specialized, child resistant (colloquially called child proof) packaging for certain substances. This includes hazardous substances like cleaning liquids, fuels, and chemicals; poisonous cosmetics; and medicines. 

With cannabis legalization enabling legal marijuana to enter the market in many states, the use of cannabis has become less controversial and a more common household sight. However, this has made the need for child resistant packaging all the more important throughout the industry in order to protect the safety of children and other vulnerable individuals and avert tragedies.

Stay in Compliance—Now and in the Future

Regulations governing cannabis packaging requirements are far from universal. This is due in part to the piecemeal legalization movement, as legalization continues to occur state by state rather than at a federal level. However, as more states get involved, regulations are likely to be made more consistent across all states. And in an arena with few universals, child resistant packaging is the one commonality dictating cannabis packaging in nearly all jurisdictions.

At Compliant Packaging, we offer a wide range of child resistant packaging options to keep your marijuana business in compliance with regulations. Whether your state currently demands these safety measures or not, it’s a good idea to stay ahead of the curve—and it’s worth it for the safety benefits alone.

Child Resistant Products We Offer at Compliant Packaging

Our child resistant product offerings are extensive and can cover all of your child safe marijuana packaging needs. Included within our child proof product catalog are:

  • Glass Concentrate Jars
  • Glass Jars
  • Berry Plastics Friendly and Safe Vials
  • Joint and Blunt Containers
  • Exit Bags
  • Push & Turn Food Safe Jars
  • Loctins™
  • Rectangular Tins

These products cover a wide variety of cannabis packaging needs. Our products are varied enough to accommodate the differing regulations across states dictating child safe container requirements. Several of our child resistant packaging products are also sustainable and recyclable, keeping your business in compliance while minimizing your impact on the environment.

What Is Considered Child Resistant Packaging?

According to the PPPA, child resistant (or “special” packaging) “means packaging that is designed or constructed to be significantly difficult for children under five years of age to open or obtain a toxic or harmful amount of the substance contained therein within a reasonable time.” 

While child resistant and “child proof” are sometimes used interchangeably, it’s important to note that child resistant “does not mean packaging which all such children cannot open or obtain a toxic or harmful amount within a reasonable time.” Some states have their own definitions of child resistant that include testing involving children, where to be child resistant a certain percentage of children must be unable to open the packaging within a certain amount of time.

The components of cannabis packaging regulations can include not just the child proof mechanism for opening the container, but the appearance of the packaging as well. Some states, such as Alaska, dictate that cannabis must be sold in opaque packaging, while California states that packaging for marijuana products should not include visual elements that would attract children. These regulations can introduce further gray areas into the process—so it’s important to work with an expert you can trust to develop packaging that meets these sometimes nebulous requirements.

Medications That Must Use Child Resistant Packaging

There are few exceptions to child resistant packaging requirements for medications. All legend drugs and controlled dangerous substances must be packaged in a child resistant container, and this includes nearly all prescription and over the counter medications.

Am I Required to Use Child Resistant Packaging?

Most marijuana businesses are likely required to use child resistant packaging and containers for the products they offer. This type of packaging is required in order to maintain safety as well as consistency with regulations governing the storage of other similar products.

Marijuana sometimes lies in a more gray area in terms of what type of substance it is considered to be. However, child resistant packaging is required for cannabis in a wide variety of states, including Colorado, Illinois, Oregon, Washington, and many others. 

These regulations also seem to be growing more common as one of the few requirements that will likely be universally applied to cannabis packaging. This means it’s likely a good business decision to package your cannabis in child resistant packaging right away, rather than making an expensive switch later on if such regulations arrive in your state.

Work With Us to Stay in Compliance!

At Compliant Packaging, compliance is more than just a part of our name—it’s part of our everyday efforts to help our clients develop packaging that suits their product and brand while meeting the standards and requirements of the states where they do business.

Our team has years of experience in the cannabis packaging industry. We know that child resistance and other key regulations will continue to sweep the industry as safety concerns overtake the waning pushback against legalization. We aim to be ahead of the curve every step of the way, and we highly recommend ensuring your containers meet child safety standards even if your state doesn’t yet require it.

Ready to design beautiful, safe, and sustainable packaging for your cannabis products? Reach out to our team today!