Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana carries different packaging and labeling requirements for cannabis suppliers to maintain regulatory compliance. These requirements can be complex and vary from state to state, making it difficult to ensure your products comply with all regulations that apply in the areas where you do business.

Compliant Packaging takes all the headaches out of the medical marijuana packaging and labeling process. Our expert team has the knowledge and resources to help develop compliant labels for your medical marijuana products, all while delivering beautiful, attractive packaging that will bring attention to your brand as a distinct cannabis product.

Our medical marijuana labels can be customized to comply with your state’s unique requirements, clearly delineating all necessary warnings and safety notices with labels that don’t interfere with the beautiful design of your packaging. Learn more about our medical marijuana packaging solutions!

Medical vs. Recreational Marijuana Requirements

Requirements for cannabis packaging differ widely depending on whether the product is medical marijuana or recreational in nature. Sellers of both types of products must be aware of these requirements and stay up to date on regulations in their area to ensure constant compliance and avoid penalties.

In general, the main difference between medical and recreational marijuana packaging requirements is that recreational products are given more leeway. This means recreational marijuana products have more room to work with when including distinctive branding that will help the product truly set itself apart.

Medical marijuana packaging, on the other hand, is more strictly regulated, as with any other prescription or over–the-counter medication. This includes requirements stipulating the type of packaging that may be used, opacity, colors, and labeling.

What Must Be Included on Medical Marijuana Packaging?

Labeling standards for medical marijuana packaging are much more stringent than for recreational products. Exact requirements vary greatly from state to state, but there are certain details you can expect to be required on the packaging for medical marijuana products.

For instance, the law typically requires that the label indicates the strain of cannabis used in the product (Indica, Sativa, or a hybrid). All active ingredients must be included, along with amounts. Activation times may be required, and a description of the type of product (i.e. edible, concentrate, infused smokable product, etc.) is often needed as well.

Labeling regulations are highly inconsistent, and what may be required in one state may be unnecessary in another. However, this means the inverse is also often true, so it’s important to always be aware of the requirements of your home state as well as any others you may do business in.

At Compliant Packaging, we take knowledge of packaging requirements very seriously. Our team will work closely with you to understand your current and future business plans, and we’ll ensure your labeling meets all necessary regulations depending on the state your business operates in.

Child Resistant Packaging for Your Medical Marijuana Products

In addition to unique labeling requirements, many states stipulate specific, child resistant packaging requirements for containers holding cannabis products, including medical marijuana. The number of states requiring child resistant packaging continues to grow, making it increasingly important for marijuana businesses to stay ahead of the curve with their packaging.

Compliant Packaging offers a wide variety of containers and products that meet child resistant requirements. These products include glass jars, plastic vials, joint and blunt containers, Loctins™, and more.

Learn more about our child resistant product offerings here! 

Work With Our Team to Stay in Compliance!

Compliant Packaging is here to be your partner for all your medical marijuana packaging and labeling needs. We’re constantly keeping tabs on the shifting landscape of marijuana packaging requirements in all the states our clients operate in. Our packaging products are designed to be fully customizable to comply with cannabis laws and regulations in your state—all while ensuring your products have an attractive, eye-catching appearance that’s distinctive and consistent with your branding.

In need of a medical marijuana packaging you can trust to ensure you’re always in compliance? Contact Compliant Packaging today!