Mylar Bags

The perfect solution for showcasing your product in states without child resistant regulations.


Re-sealable mylar bags are the perfect in states which have no CR packaging regulations or used in tandem with a CR exit package. 

These bags can be made in any size with windows, tear notches, gussets, inside printing, and made as top fill or bottom fill bags. Custom printing can create the look you want to achieve. From one gram to one pound of flower. Great storage bags too.

Single serve bag can be heat-sealed and are CR up to a 10 mg. serving in most states, (check each state’s regulation). Need a quote?


CR Certification

Single serve bags meet state regulations

single serve, 1 gram, 1/8 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/2 oz, 1 lb
opaque white, opaque black, opaque silver, other colors available, vista window available

FDA food contact approved, flexible metalized plastic film, plastic inline resealable zipper (except single serve)

standard labels, extended content labels, custom labeling, branded printing