Compliant Packaging Introduces Biodegradable Jars

Leveraging the revolutionary additive EcoPure, we are proud to announce that we have created an exclusive line of biodegradable cannabis packaging jars. Designed to deliver leading cannabis brands a sophisticated packaging solution while reducing waste, our Biodegradable Jars are the ideal solution for eco-conscious brands looking to make a name in the industry.   

Available with stock polymer or 100% post-consumer use polymer, these leading-edge cannabis jars are the perfect differentiator in an industry currently inundated with single use plastics. We are proud to offer our biodegradable cannabis jars in 3 sizes: 4 oz, 6 oz and 16 oz. Ideal for packaging concentrates, flower, edibles and everything in between, we could not be more excited to bring this product to market.

Interested in labeling services? No problem! Allow us to help you customize your biodegradable cannabis jars to reflect your brand message. Join the revolution, together we are setting a new standard in the cannabis packaging space.


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