The Top 2024 Cannabis Packaging Trends You Need To Try

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When we think about the variety of packaging solutions out there for the cannabis industry, we’re like a kid in a candy store. Oh, and we are the candy store. We love being able to bring brands to life using, let’s call it what it is, a buffet of options for people to choose from. 

In 2024, cannabis packaging is whatever you want it to be but there are some top trends you may want to take a look at for inspiration before making a decision. You owe it to yourself, your brand, and your amazing product to select the very best, so why not do some homework. 

We can help with that. 

Explore unique cannabis packaging in our industry and be in the know about some of the biggest cannabis packaging trends of the year. 


What Are Some Of The Top Cannabis Packaging Solutions Out There?  


Sustainability is the way of the future. It’s important to understand that this is bigger than simply recycling. It’s a way of life for people and businesses across the globe. This is why it’s important to begin with an environmentally conscious packaging material and build from there. 

At Compliant Packaging, our latest Smile Tin is our most eco-friendly option and is 100% plastic free. It’s both recyclable and reusable making it a great option for eco-forward brands. 

Smile Tin child resistant cannabis packaging

We also have compostable cornstarch tray inserts that can be custom ordered to go inside tins or we can provide cornstarch clamshell inserts that go inside child-resistant packaging for a reinforced experience. The inserts are a great solution because child-resistant packaging solutions aren’t quite there yet in terms of fully being eco-friendly. Either the material is not strong enough to pass child resistant testing or there are issues with being able to make the product airtight enough for our customers. 

We hope to be able to provide more compostable options in the future as the technology improves and can meet the standards of testing. Many companies claim to have compostable child resistant bags, but in most cases they do not meet child resistant standards or the child resistant zipper on the bag is not compostable.

If you’re truly interested in an eco-friendly option but are wondering what type of cannabis products best fit eco-friendly packaging solutions, we would say edibles in our plastic free Smile Tin. The tin is recyclable and in most cases we find that consumers tend to repurpose our tins before recycling them. 



In the digital age, it’s never been easier to access information on just about anything. People have come to expect immediate information and having the ability to get this information right at your fingertips is priceless. 

QR codes for instance are supremely relevant. We can print QR codes on any custom tin order or on custom labels. We print our QR code on some of our samples and we have printed QR codes on our customers’ tins as well. This is a great way to add more information or advertise on the tin without taking up too much of the other marketing space on the tin.


Tailor Made

In the saturated cannabis market, it would be horrible for a brand to get lost in a sea of sameness. Our ability to create jaw-dropping, custom-made packaging for your product and brand is our superpower. With our tins there is not much we cannot do. I have never had our production facility come back and say they cannot do something. 

We are able to do a wide array of colors with our CMYK print process and we are able to do embossing and debossing. We have done many unique designs on the tins and we are also able to do some very flashy metallic and iridescent print.

With non-tin packaging we have the same parameters as everyone else. Within the last decade there have been a lot of advances in custom printing on containers and with labels. We can typically find a solution for most requests, and while we don’t do design, we are happy to work closely with our customers’ designer or marketing team to make sure we supply them with packaging that meets their vision. 

Our team also goes above and beyond with our recommendations. We know that not every product is perfect for every type of packaging. One of my first questions when we speak with a customer is “what is it that you will be packaging”? We then make recommendations based on the product. 

We want to make sure that the packaging option we provide covers all of the bases. We want the packaging to meet their branding vision as well as providing the proper protection to keep their product fresh and out of the hands of children.


Luxurious Branding

Partaking in the finer things in life is becoming a fast trend setting option in the packaging world. Thinking about luxurious materials such as velvet and gold accents would put anyone in a Rockefeller-type mood. At Compliant Packaging we can do most anything with our tins. Tins have a premium look and feel to them and with unique printing and embossing and/or debossing, we can help elevate your brand to the land of luxurious living. 


Minimalist Packaging

The sleek, simple look is moving to the top of the list of cannabis packaging options this year. Maybe people just prefer the classy feel it brings or they’re just adopting a less-is-more mentality, but whatever the case we have the tins that can deliver the look you want. 

Some of the more sleek looking projects we’ve worked on have had  2 colors with a very classy logo in the design. There are also some projects we have worked on that get very flashy with metallic or iridescent print but still come off very classy. When it comes to the look and feel, you’re in the driver’s seat and we’re helping steer the car. 


Superior Security 

Providing safe packaging is a must in the cannabis industry, and it’s important for the safety of brands as well as reflecting our priority in protecting families and individuals. Many people only think about children when it comes to safe, child-resistant packaging, but during the child resistant certification process, not only does the packaging have to keep young children from getting it open, there is also a requirement that senior citizens have to be able to get into it. 

The certification process typically involves testing done at daycares for the child resistant qualification and senior centers to make sure the seniors can get the packaging open.  There is a lot that goes into creating and designing child resistant packaging, and this is something we know a lot about. 

We work closely with the production facility to develop packaging that is functional, classy, and child resistant. Many times we have to make several prototypes before we come up with a solution. After we settle on a design, then there is a 1 month to 2 month process of getting the packaging child resistant certified. Once we get to this point we have to make sure the design is perfect, because the child resistant testing can get expensive. 


At Compliant Packaging we’re ready to help you build your brand with superior cannabis packaging trends. 

Begin to set yourself apart in 2024 with dynamite looks and brand stewardship.

The unique cannabis packaging solutions we provide will help you stand out and meet any brand standards you have set for yourself. We work hard with marketing teams and designers to bring your vision to life and we always make safety and excellence a top priority. 

At Compliant Packaging, we are your partner in the cannabis industry. Bring us your ideas and let’s get going! Contact us today. 

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