Unveiling The Smile Tin: The Latest Green Innovation In Child-Resistant Cannabis Packaging From Compliant Packaging

Calling all packaging enthusiasts and eco-conscious cannabis aficionados! We’ve got some exciting news to share that’s sure to put a smile on your face. We have just rolled out our newest game-changer: The Smile Tin!

So, what’s the big deal about this latest custom tin? Well, let’s just say it’s a revolutionary product that’s set to redefine the way we think about cannabis packaging.

The Smile Tin: Plastic-Free, Child-Resistant, and Oh So Green!

Compliant Packaging has always been on the cutting edge of innovation, and The Smile Tin is no exception. This bad boy is not your average cannabis container – it’s a statement, a commitment to a sustainable and plastic-free future.

Our new tin, like many of our other products, is child-resistant certified and ready for your custom touch. As a unique business, your brand and products deserve unique packaging tailored to fit your vibe. The sustainability factor is simply the cherry on the top! 


Benefits of the Smile Tin

The smile tin is an addition to our signature LocTin® line of patented child resistant tins, but with all the added benefits that come with a Compliant Packaging product: 

Plastic Free 

It has an environment friendly paper or silicone liner for superior air tightness. The Smile Tin works best for flower and gummies with maximum air tightness.

Ideal Size

The smile tin is similar in size to our CR1 and CR16 tins out of our Loctins® family, and the height is between the two. The CR1 tin holds 1/8 of an ounce and the Smile Tin can hold around 1⁄4 of an ounce. Ideal for all edibles! 

Custom Orders

One of the best things about The Smile Tin is that you can add your own twist with custom orders. We want you to be able to add your own flare and our designers will help your brand stand out from the crowded marketplace.


Environmentally Conscious Bliss

Picture this: a packaging solution that not only keeps your cannabis goodies secure but also makes Mother Earth do a happy dance. The Smile Tin is crafted with sustainability in mind, waving goodbye to plastic and embracing eco-friendly materials. It’s a giant leap towards reducing our carbon footprint and ensuring a greener tomorrow.

Join the movement, be a part of the change, and say adios to plastic waste. With The Smile Tin, you’re not just storing your stash; you’re making a positive impact on the planet.


Innovation Unleashed

Compliant Packaging is not one to rest on its accolades but we strive to always think and create outside of the box. The Smile Tin is an example of our commitment to excellence and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in cannabis packaging. It’s not just a container; it’s a symbol of progress.

Imagine a world where child-resistant packaging doesn’t compromise on style or sustainability. The Smile Tin is here to make that dream a reality for businesses in the cannabis space and their amazing brands. It’s a sleek, functional, and eco-friendly option that doesn’t sacrifice safety.


Where Innovation Meets Responsibility

Choosing The Smile Tin isn’t just a smart move; it’s a statement. It’s about opting for a packaging solution that aligns with your values – one that reflects a harmonious blend of innovation and responsibility. And in the cannabis industry, that is huge. 

As packaging experts in the cannabis industry, Compliant Packaging understands the importance of keeping your products secure and compliant with industry standards. The Smile Tin goes above and beyond, providing child-resistant features while also championing a plastic-free ethos. Every detail is accounted for by our packaging and design engineers, who work to bring pharmaceutical grade child-resistant products to the great cannabis industry. 

So, why settle for anything less? Say hello to a safer, greener option with The Smile Tin. We invite you to join the movement towards sustainable and responsible cannabis packaging.

In a world where innovation meets responsibility, The Smile Tin shines bright. Get ready to stash your cannabis goodies in style, securely, and with a smile. It’s time to make a conscious choice, and The Smile Tin is leading the way.

Choose Compliant Packaging. Choose The Smile Tin. Because when it comes to cannabis packaging, we’re not just experts – we’re trailblazers.


Compliant Packaging is ready for your custom cannabis packaging and we can’t wait to help you make your mark in the cannabis industry! 

Our team brings unique experience to the cannabis industry and knew that packaging needed to be the focus. Child-resistant packaging that is unique and safe as it is stylish was our goal when we started Compliant Packaging. 

Now, we’re helping make brands known across the country in a bold way while adhering to strict compliance rules along the way. Finishing up our weekend at MJBizCon we showcased our new products and loved seeing everyone there. At Compliant Packaging, we’re here to meet your needs and bring your custom ideas to life. Let us help take your product to the next level. 

Let’s talk about packaging solutions! Reach out to us! 

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