Compliant Packaging Rolls Out 3 New Cannabis Packaging Solutions

At Compliant Packaging we are proud to offer an ever-evolving catalog of the most advanced cannabis packaging solutions on the market today. We work with US and international suppliers to source certified child resistant and fully customizable products that differentiate our clients at the retail level. We are very excited to add 3 new cannabis packaging solutions to our already robust catalog. If you’re in need of anything from four-color fully customizable tins to smell proof Pop Tops, we have you covered. We encourage you to check out our complete catalog, but before you do, be one of the first learn about our most recent additions:

Lever lid cannabis packagingNew Lever Lid 

This airtight, fully certified child resistant round canister comes complete with a magnet which is used to open the CR tin. Ideal for edibles or an eighth of an ounce of flower, the Lever Lid Tin is the perfect solution for showcasing your products.

Flip Top Cigarette tin

New Flip-Top Tin 

Our re-engineered Flip-Top Tin is the sleek and innovative packaging solution you’ve been looking for. This 4 color, fully customizable tin is the perfect cannabis container for featuring your brand and high-end pre-roll products. 

Mid size pre roll tin

New Mid-Size Pre-Roll Tin

This certified child resistant rectangular tin is another great solution for your superior pre-rolls. Smell proof and 100% recyclable, our Mid-Size Pre-Roll Tin is the perfect packaging solution to set your pre-rolls apart.

Allow Us to Meet Your Unique Cannabis Packaging Needs

As a hybrid supplier, we are proud to offer solutions that reduce costs for our customers and our suppliers by consolidating inventory throughout the supply chain. Our in-house team will engineer the bespoke packaging solutions you’re looking for to distinguish your brand as a leader in the booming cannabis marketplace.
Whether you’re bringing a new product to market or reintroducing an existing product, our team is here to ensure your success. With global supply chains experiencing delays, we have teamed up with US and international suppliers to keep our inventory consistent. Learn more about how we’re continuing to deliver superior quality, custom cannabis packaging solutions amidst a global pandemic.

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Our US-based team is here to answer your questions and help you design a cannabis packaging solution that truly showcases your product. Let’s get started today!

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