Cannabis Packaging 101: Selecting the Perfect Materials for Your Marijuana Products

Packaging matters. It matters a lot. Selecting just the right packaging for your cannabis product has to be one of the single most important decisions you make as a business owner. 

We don’t want to say there’s a lot riding on the cannabis packaging you select, but there’s a lot riding on the cannabis packaging you select. Not only does your product’s freshness and quality depend on it but so does your first impression to the consumer. 

Being in the cannabis industry and doing what we do, we’re here to provide a simple guide for selecting the best possible cannabis packaging for your product that there is. To do this, you have to take some time to answer some questions, but don’t worry, you won’t be graded on the test. Well, maybe. 

So, let’s get into it! 


What Questions Should I Ask Before Choosing A Cannabis Packaging Solution?  


Will My Product Be Properly Protected? 

When you put your gummies, edibles, flower, or concentrates out into the world, you want them to best represent your brand and what you stand for. Right? This means having the best possible marijuana packaging and cannabis packaging to keep your high quality products protected and fresh for the consumer. We’re talking airtight seals and UV-resistant packaging options to keep your product safe and at its very best by the time it gets into the consumer’s hands. 


Is This Cannabis Packaging Solution Cost Effective?  

Having a good handle on your budget and what you can spend before going into this process will help you in the long run. Compliant Packaging has a lot of cannabis packaging options with different levels of pricing which offers so much flexibility for a business owner. This is a big deal, so if you’re looking for something that is cost effective then there is a good chance you’ll find it with us. 


Will This Cannabis Packaging Be Easy To Use?  

Selecting the right packaging for your marijuana products is crucial, especially when you’re thinking about your consumers’ journey when using it. Are they going to be able to get into it easily? Is the process smooth for them? These are questions to keep in mind when choosing a cannabis packaging solution. 


If A Priority, Will This Cannabis Packaging Be Sustainable And Environmentally Friendly?   

As a hybrid cannabis packaging supplier, we have a lot to offer when it comes to sustainable solutions. Loctins, vials, biodegradable materials, or Mylar bags we have it all and then some. We’re able to design beautiful packaging that’s easy on the eyes and on the environment. 


What Regulations Should I Be Aware Of? 

The great thing about this is that we do this thinking for you. Our job is to provide aesthetically pleasing cannabis packaging that meets state and federal regulations within the cannabis industry. Our team of professional packagers is here to guide you and help get your brand noticed. We can help manufacture and apply custom labels to all of your packaging to help you ensure labeling compliance as well as child resistant packaging compliance. It’s what we do. 


Compliant Packaging is here for all of your cannabis packaging needs! 

There are a lot of marijuana packaging companies out there but not all of them will have the same abilities. 

Offering a variety of solutions for a variety of products is something Compliant Packaging can do in our sleep. We’re confident in how much we have to offer and how we can help you get your product to the marketplace exactly as you want it.

The process of selecting the perfect packaging for your cannabis product should be fun, not stressful. We can help with that by putting your brand on display in style and with confidence.

Let Compliant Packaging lead the way and let’s talk about packaging solutions early! We’ll be your guide and handle all the details so you don’t have to worry about anything. 

Let’s get started! 

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