The 2024 Cannabis Reschedule: Let’s Talk Big Wins for the Weed Industry

Alright folks, grab your favorite strain and settle in because we’re heading for some game-changing news for 2024—the rescheduling of cannabis.  

The rescheduling of marijuana has been a hot topic in the cannabis industry for quite some time but hasn’t resulted in the outcome we’ve all wanted. Although there is a chance of getting our hopes dashed, yet again, this time it feels different. 

Back in August, the Department of Health & Human Services recommended the DEA reclassify cannabis from a Schedule 1 drug, which includes heroin, to a schedule 3 drug. Reluctant as always to accept the research of another organization, the DEA has decided, just this January, to conduct its own research and investigation on the classification of marijuana. Like we said, it feels different this time around.

This move isn’t just about bureaucratic shuffle — it’s about unlocking a whole bunch of benefits that are going to make everyone in the cannabis industry very happy. 

Rescheduling Marijuana Opens The Door To Many Possibilities

First, let’s talk research

Remember all those times scientists wanted to dive deep into the medicinal magic of cannabis but were held back by red tape? Well, those days are behind us now. With cannabis possibly getting a lower schedule, researchers are continually getting the green light to further explore its therapeutic potential. Today we’re talking about new meds, innovative therapies, and wellness products that could change lives. 


More people are finding success in the cannabis industry. 

The good coming out of this is the meteoric success people are finding within the industry. More investors are flooding the market and ready to jump into action possibly due to more confidence in the act of rescheduling being officially carried out this year. The rescheduling has given them the confidence boost they need to pour money into cannabis ventures. With regulatory uncertainties and the stigma around cannabis fading faster than the night’s smoke, the industry is seeing explosive growth. It’s like the gold rush, but with buds instead of nuggets. 


Easier access to banking services. 

And it’s not just the monetary growth within the industry, but it’s also becoming easier to access banking services. In the past banks were pretty skittish about dealing with cannabis businesses due to legal risks. Now, they’re coming around. This means more loans, lines of credits, and all the financial perks other businesses take for granted are finally on the table for cannabis entrepreneurs. It’s like we’re all finally getting a seat at the grown up table. 


Wrongs will be made right. 

Social justice is front and center and The War on Drugs hit some communities harder than others. It’s high time we addressed that. By rescheduling cannabis and implementing more progressive policies, these wrongs can be made right. Expunging past convictions, reinvesting tax revenues into communities hit hardest by this War on Drugs, and creating opportunities for those who have been shut out of the industry for too long. It’s time we shared the love and the green. 


The high demand within the industry is only rising. 

That’s the positive. With cannabis becoming more mainstream and with more states making it legal, everyone is jumping on board. From medical users looking for relief to recreational tokers looking for a good time, the demand is going through the roof. And that means big opportunities for businesses to cater to all those different needs and tastes. It’s like a buffet of bud, and everyone’s invited. 


Compliant Packaging is ready to celebrate with you!

The 2024 possibility of the rescheduling of cannabis is like a breath of fresh air for our industry. 

Our hopes are rising as they should be that this will take place this year. In doing so this will be breaking down barriers, sparking innovation, and creating so many chances for business owners to thrive. 

So, whether you’re looking to unlock secrets of the plant, an investor looking to cash in on the green rush or just someone looking for a good time, one thing for sure: the future of cannabis is looking brighter than ever. 

At Compliant Packaging, we are thrilled about the possibility of this rescheduling and we can’t wait for the continued boom within our industry. Be prepared to up your brand game when this happens. Let’s talk about packaging solutions early! We’re into the details so give us the info and we’ll take care of everything. 

Let’s get started! 

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