PSYCON 2023: Where Psychedelics & Mushrooms Got Groovy

At the end of September, the cannabis and mushroom scene collided in style at PsyCon 2023, the grooviest conference and trade show for the ever-expanding psychedelic industry. And our team was right in the middle of it all. 

PsyCon is all about bringing together experts, trailblazers, and anyone interested in diving deep into the world of psychedelics and mind-expanding medicine. Our crew from Compliant Packaging had a blast, where we were on a mission to educate the industry about child-resistant packaging and how our top-notch packaging can not only make their products stand out, but their brand. 

Let’s dive into our PsyCon adventure, from cool moments to awesome insights and the super positive vibe from the industry. 

Day 1: Pros get together to jam

The first day at PsyCon was like a backstage pass for industry pros looking to network and find their groove in this ever-evolving psychedelic landscape. 

We rubbed shoulders with potential clients, and boy, did we learn a ton about psychedelics we never knew before. This day was like our greatest hits album, as we expanded our network and laid down some solid tracks in the psychedelic scene. It was a day to remember for us. 

Day 2: The Party Gets Psyched

Day two brought in the end consumers looking to have a psychedelic blast at the convention. The energy was off the charts, and it was clear that many of these folks were riding the psychedelic wave. The enthusiasm was contagious and proved that this industry is set to explode with the sheer excitement from these end users. 

It’s like a never-ending psychedelic jam session and when you’re in it, you know. The amazing part about psychedelics is that the industry is just getting started and it’s not too late to jump on board the train to get ahead of this stellar industry.

Unforgettable Encounters & What Lit Us Up

The most inspiring part of PsyCon was meeting folks who had their lives transformed by psychedelics. We talked to war veterans who kicked PTSD to the curb and people who beat depression thanks to psychedelic therapy. It was like listening to a powerful, heartfelt ballad that reminded us why this industry matters so much. 

And let’s not forget our booth neighbors, Full Canopy Genetics—they were like the rockstars of the mushroom-growing world. They schooled us on growing techniques and all the amazing mushroom strains they offer with their kits. Their employee, Kyle, was a total mushroom maestro and had answers for every question that came his way. 

We also had the privilege of meeting our first psilocybin customer in person. We’ll keep their name under wraps since the industry is still in a bit of a gray area in Denver. It was a big moment that showcased the power of trust and connections in this groovy market. 

The Groovy Industry Response

The industry totally got into the PsyCon groove. The conference was even busier than we expected, and it was clear that everyone was stoked to meet like-minded folks. We even noticed a lot of people from the cannabis world eager to learn more about the psychedelic scene. The vibes were high, and it was a total party! We can’t wait to go back! 

How PsyCon Amped Up Our Business

PsyCon was a game-changer for our business. We talked to loads of folks who are gearing up to launch their own ventures, and most of them hadn’t even thought about the importance of child-resistant packaging

After we dropped some knowledge, they were totally on board with staying ahead of the upcoming regulations. We also connected with the regulators themselves, and they want our help shaping the future of psychedelic regulations. It’s proof that PsyCon was a real game-changer for us and the industry. Good things come to those who collaborate. 

Compliant Packaging WRAPS UP PSYCON

PsyCon 2023 was an event that didn’t just highlight the excitement and potential of the psychedelic and mushroom industries; it was a chance for everyone to come together, learn, and collaborate. 

Our crew from Compliant Packaging left PsyCon with newfound knowledge, a growing network, and a deep sense of inspiration. The future of psychedelics and mushrooms looks brighter than a kaleidoscope, and we’re pumped to be part of this amazing journey. 

PsyCon was the stage where these industries united, and it’s clear that the future is going to be one groovy ride. Our team at Compliant Packaging is ready to meet you and help create specific packaging solutions unique to your product. We help the public recognize your brand above all others. 

If you need cannabis packaging solutions, we’re here for you! Reach out to us! 

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