LocTin® Recertified to Comply with Canadian Pharmaceutical Standards

Fully customizable glass jars for cannabis packaging.The national legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada is an exciting development for the industry as a whole. As of October 17, 2018, Canada will be the first industrialized nation to reach this milestone. With this new frontier comes new regulations and compliance standards for those who wish to be a part of Canada’s green rush.


As pioneers in the CR compliant packaging space, we are proud to be at the forefront of Canada’s soon-to-be booming cannabis industry. At Compliant Packaging, we made the strategic decision to have our flagship product, the LocTin®, recertified by Perritt Laboratories to ensure that we are in compliance with Canadian pharmaceutical standards. Since 1973, Perritt Laboratories has been providing CR compliant packaging and microbiologic testing. Their sterling reputation in the CR packaging testing space delivers unparalleled confidence in the products that pass their rigorous testing.


LocTin® CR Compliant Packaging

Our LocTin® series was designed to deliver leading edge CP compliant packing while giving our customers the flexibility to customize their retail tins to reflect their own brand messaging. Offering a host of sizes, LocTin® CR compliantLoctins packaging can be used to package flower, oils, capsules and more.  Certified 16CFR1700 and patent-pending, we are very excited to introduce the LocTin® series to the Canadian market!


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Whether you are in the US or Canadian market, we are here to help you select a CR compliant packaging solution that meets your needs and reflects your carefully crafted brand. Contact us today to learn how we can help you deliver creative merchandising that is both CR and nationally compliant.


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