The Lever Lid: the Superior Alternative to Weed Packaging Cans

Picture of Lever Lid weed packaging can

Complaint Packaging’s Newest CR Packaging Can

We were very excited to announce the launch of the Lever Lid earlier this year. Already a popular cannabis packaging solution among some of our most discerning customers, the Lever Lid is poised to be the next big thing in weed packaging cans.

The Lever Lid is the ideal alternative to more traditional packaging solutions. Our patent-pending magnetic lever lid tins offer a modern twist on the classic paint can look. If you’re looking for a packaging solution that will truly help your products stand out, the Lever Lid is just the solution you’re seeking.

Child Resistant with a Twist

The leading edge child resistant design includes a magnetic lever that is attached to the bottom of the tin which serves as an unlocking mechanism. This unique twist on a standard weed packaging can, is the ideal solution for the brand looking to raise the bar with their child resistant cannabis packaging. The simple yet innovative design is a conversation starter that puts your product front and centre. Not to mention the recyclable container can be used for a multitude of purposes once your product has been consumed, serving as a brand reinforcement for a long time to come.

Picture of the Lever Lid CR cannabis packagingFully Customizable Flower Packaging Cans

Available in 4-color print, embossing and debossing, and made of tin plate steel, the Lever Lid is truly in a category all on its own. Showcase a simple logo or an intricate design. Our creative team is here to help you get the most out of your custom Lever Lid tin. Ideal for packaging edibles and flower, the Lever Lid is made from 100% food-grade material, is 100% recyclable and air tight; the perfect combination of style and function.

Your Hybrid Flower Packaging Supplier

Ready to learn what the Lever Lid can do for your brand? Discover how our hybrid packaging supplier model enables us to better serve your needs. Our in-house creative team is here to help you design a custom Lever Lid that embodies and tells your brand story. Did we mention that as a hybrid supplier we consolidate inventory across the supply chain saving you valuable time and money?

How Do We Do It?

We manage our inventory in our Colorado warehouse, including in-bound and out-bound logistics which enables us to deliver superior cannabis packaging solutions, at the moment you need them. In addition, our state-of-the-art approach to supply chain management means we are able to provide a data driven view into how our operational efficiencies are positively benefiting your bottom line. We are more than just a weed packaging can supplier, we are your Compliant Packaging partner!

Further Assistance

When you place an order with us, whether its a weed packaging can like the Lever Lid or another CR product, you will benefit from our processes. At Compliant Packaging we are committed to assisting you with everything from design to label production and application. Our ultimate goal is to help your organization save time and money while creating sustainable manufacturing practices. Allow us to do the legwork for you!

Let’s Get in Touch

Contact us today to learn how designing your Lever Lid, or any cannabis packaging solution, with us will not only elevate your brand but likely reduce your cannabis packing costs. Let’s talk!

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