Cannabis Brand Spotlight: La Vida Dulce Edibles

Come Live La Vida Dulce! Desiree from La Vida Dulce holding a plate with edibles and their packaging

La Vida Dulce is one of the most exciting cannabis brands to hit the Denver market in recent years. As their edibles packaging supplier, we are honored to have the opportunity to play a role in bringing La Vida Dulce to market. We recently had the opportunity to sit down with founder Desiree Duran to learn more about her story and her vision for her rising company.

Champurradas, the company’s first product, were adapted from one of Desiree’s beloved family recipes. With the blessing of her grandfather, Desiree and the La Vida Dulce team added THC to the delicious delicacies and a new family legacy was born. 

After discovering the health benefits of cannabis just a few years ago herself, Desiree has since been committed to destigmatizing the use of cannabis, particularly in the Latino culture. Having grown up amongst a very close family who revere their elders, Desiree was influenced by the beliefs her parents and grandparents held when it came to cannabis. After years of battling an opioid addiction due to prescribed painkillers following a sports injury, Desiree recalls a day in 2020 when she decided to try an edible at the suggestion of her husband. She considers that decision and that day to be a turning point in her life. Desiree is now in recovery from opioids and has turned her passion for cannabis into an already thriving business. 

By melding the beauty of her culture and the healing powers of cannabis, Desiree hopes to help educate those in the Hispanic community of the many benefits of cannabis. “If I help even one person who is lost in their addiction to opioids, I will consider all of this a success,” said Mrs. Duran.

Her delicious edibles have already gained major attention from industry leaders and even landed her an interview on The People Are Blunt podcast and a feature from the Colorado Cannabis Business Office

Cannabis Social Equity Programs

Desiree has been working with the Colors of Cannabis & the Hispanic Cannabis Council to bring La Vida Dulce to market. She credits these social equity programs with opening certain doors for her that were otherwise closed. At Compliant Packaging we believe strongly that the cannabis market should be open to all and are proud to work directly with social equity partners to help companies like La Vida Dulce succeed.  

Uncompromising Edibles Packaging for a Superior Product

When selecting her packaging, Desiree set out to find a local supplier who could offer an edibles packaging solution that would protect her pastries and ensure they would retain their intended shape in transport. Once she discovered the LocTin CR12, Desiree knew it was the packaging solution she had been seeking for her edibles. The airtight tin would ensure the shape, smell, taste, and feel of her edibles would never be compromised and the superior quality meant her tins could be recycled for other uses after her product is consumed. Desiree was then delighted to learn that we work with local social equity programs and a partnership was born. 

packaging for La Vida Dulce edibles cannabis

We could not be more proud of the beautiful packaging solution we were able to collaborate to bring to market and look forward to continuing to work together as La Vida Dulce brings more products to market. Stay tuned! 

If you would like to learn more about La Vida Dulce, we encourage you to visit them on Facebook or Instagram and look for them at the retail level. If you would like to learn more about LocTins® or any of our other edible and cannabis packaging solutions, contact us today. Learn how we can help you create a packaging solution that truly captures your brand story. 

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