Compliant Packaging Announces LocTin® Has Been Certified Child Resistant Pursuant to Canadian Law

Cannabis packaging tins, the LocTin in various branding. Compliant Packaging, a longstanding leader in the US child resistant cannabis packaging industry, announces today the LocTin (www.loctins.com) has passed the Life Test pursuant to Canadian Law.

Compliant Packing has been supplying the US medicinal and recreational cannabis market with superior packaging solutions since 2014. LocTin® the company’s flagship product, is a CR marijuana packaging tin. Available with custom, 4 color printing, embossing, debossing and custom foam inserts, LocTin® is revolutionizing the way leading cannabis brands differentiate themselves.


LocTin® was originally certified child resistant in the US by Perritt Laboratories in 2017This certification is pursuant with standards set forth by the Consumer Product Safety Commission and consistent with the Poison Prevention Act set forth in US Federal Regulation 16 CFR 1700.  The leadership team at Compliant Packaging made the decision to voluntarily pursue further certification pursuant to Canadian law in late 2018.

“Providing the cannabis industry with superior packaging that is both compliant and child resistant is our core focus,” said George Sang, CEO of Compliant Packaging. “Thus, we chose to have the LocTin® certified based upon Canada’s most rigorous pharmaceutical packaging guidelines, well before any such regulations are introduced.”

To ensure the LocTin® meets Canada’s most stringent CR standards, Compliant Packaging engaged world renowned Perritt Laboratories to conduct the Life Test. Consistent with the testing standards of US 16 CFR sec 1700, the Life Test is pursuant to Canada’s Consumer Chemicals and Containers Regulations (CCCR).

After completing extensive testing, Perritt Laboratories certified LocTin® consistent with Canadian Regulations, Sec 10 (2)(b) of CCCR. Such a certification states that, when placed under physical wear and stress factors, the LocTin® maintains its child resistant functionality throughout the useful life of the product. Thus, positioning LocTin® as the ideal child resistant cannabis tin for discerning brands looking to make an impact in the Canadian marijuana industry.

Certifying the LocTin® based upon Canada’s most stringent child resistant packaging protocols positions Compliant Packaging as an emerging leader in the Canadian CR packing space.

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