Compliant Packaging Makes Consistent Pricing Commitment Through 2021

Despite Worldwide Supply Chain Issues, Our Prices Are Not Increasing This Year

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If the past year has taught us anything, it’s that few things in life or business remain consistent. As a leading US-based cannabis packaging company, we have seen our customers weather an intense storm of sorts over the last year. From global supply chain issues and soaring materials prices to the everyday challenges of meeting evolving regulatory requirements, the stakes have never been higher. 

In an effort to relieve some of that stress, the team here at Compliant Packaging has negotiated with our suppliers to offer a bit of the consistency we’ve all been longing for. Despite the rising global cost of tin, we have secured pricing for all of our metal cannabis packaging solutions through the end of the year. That’s right, we will honor our current pricing on all metal cannabis packing orders placed now through the end of 2021.

Get Your Orders in Soon!

As a result of the events of the last year, the supply chain in the United States has become unpredictable and delayed deliveries are now the norm, rather than the exception. We are encouraging our customers to anticipate up to a 1 month delay in delivery when placing orders. The best approach? Place your order at least 30 days sooner than you have in the past to avoid delays. 

Stocked & Ready to Serve 

Not to worry, we are ready to fulfill custom orders on all of our cannabis packaging solutions. Our Colorado warehouse is also stocked and in many cases we can fulfill orders with our existing inventory. Ready to place an order, or request a quote? Our branding and packaging experts are here to help you stay compliant in style! 

Competitive Pricing

Not only are we committed to our current pricing on all metal cannabis packaging, but we’re committed to offering competitive pricing on all of our solutions. While many of our competitors have been forced to increase their pricing due to rising raw materials costs, we are leveraging our longstanding relationships with top suppliers to ensure we don’t pass rising costs on to you, our valued customers. 

Your Trusted Hybrid Supplier

What do we mean when we say we’re a hybrid supplier? At Compliant Packaging, our expert team of product specialists is here to exceed your expectations through every step of the cannabis packaging supply chain. Our unique approach to inventory consolidation delivers savings to both our customers and our suppliers. We are able to manage inventory at scale, both inbound and outbound, within our Colorado warehouse as well as the public warehousing we offer throughout the US. 

If you’re ready to discover how partnering with a hybrid supplier can deliver new levels of efficiency while reducing your cannabis packaging costs, we encourage you to request a quote today

Let’s Talk!

Whether you are an existing Compliant Packaging customer, or you’re currently in the market for a trusted cannabis packaging company, we are here to serve you. Our consistent pricing guarantee extends to all new and existing customers. However, we urge you to act today. Allow us to provide you with a custom quote for your next cannabis packaging order. Our expert team of branding and packaging experts is here to assist you with everything from customization to navigating the shipping process. Let’s talk!


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