California Cannabis Packaging Rules

Is your cannabis product packaging up to code?

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The California Department of Public Health has mandated that cannabis packaging shall not resemble food products. Healthcarepackaging.com latest article on California compliant cannabis packaging highlights some of the new resources provided by CDPH on the topic:

Dos include:

  • Package manufactured cannabis products prior to transfer to a distributor as finished product. Cannabis flower may be packaged by a cultivator, manufacturer or distributor.

  • If a product has multiple layers of packaging, the packaging requirements can be fulfilled using any one of those layers.

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Don’ts include:

  • Cannot imitate packaging used for non-cannabis food products or products typically marketed to children.

The four main criteria for a package to meet are tamper evidence, child-resistance, resealability (for products with multiple uses) and opaque packaging for edibles.

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Only edibles must be packaged in “lifetime” child-resistant packaging (child-resistant after opening and reclosing), while other forms of products must be initially child-resistant, upon first opening.

Labeling resources

Additionally, a labeling checklist specifies what info can and cannot be included. The product’s county of origin cannot appear anywhere on the label unless 100% of the cannabis in the product was grown there. Labels are also forbidden from making unproven health claims.

Packaging Checklist for Cannabis and Cannabis Products

Labeling Checklist for Cannabis Products

Labeling Checklist for Cannabis Products with Small Containers

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–All cartons the same size for easy storage

–Vials and caps packed separately

–Compliance with USP “light” and “tight” requirements

–Compliance with CPSC Child-Resistant and Senior test

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