Team Spotlight: Bonney Rowley

At Compliant Packaging, we’ve got an incredible team. Our employees strive to be an asset and a partner to the customers we collaborate with, and we want to share about them! Next, we are turning the spotlight to Bonney Rowley. Bonney understands that your packaging is your identity. As an account manager, she has brought a caliber of customer service unrivaled in the industry. 

“My role is to provide exceptional customer service, helping customers bring their product to life through our range of packaging. It is my job to make sure that customers have a positive experience through every step of the process.” 


After spending the better part of a decade working in the New York City wine industry, Bonney brought her expertise to the cannabis industry. Bonnie worked with some of the country’s top restaurants and sommeliers in New York, setting the bar for the type of customer service she strives to provide all of her customers at Compliant. Working with luxury and premium brands developed her patience, professionalism, and understanding that every client is unique. 

A wine sommelier is essentially a wine marketer. They use their expertise to make wine recommendations based on what they are eating. Just as a sommelier finds wine pairing that suits a meal, Bonney finds packaging that suits a brand. Bonney understands that product packaging has to be the right fit—for your product, your clientele, and the price point you’re working with. 

Bonney’s move to the cannabis industry was a very personal decision. When she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2018, Bonney found cannabis. Cannabis played a significant role in her journey—helping her treatment, recovery, and survivorship. This experience influenced her move to the cannabis industry. With a strong professional background and close connection to the industry, Bonney has become a great asset to our team. Bonney believes in the power and potential for the cannabis industry to change lives.


Bonney’s knack for customer service and passion for cannabis make her a strong asset to our team. She has an innate ability to understand customer needs, which translates into effective branding and marketing. 

“I enjoy helping customers bring their brand to life through our packaging options. Nothing is better than seeing a brand succeed after months of collaboration and hard work to bring their product to market.”

Bonney believes in the power of storytelling and that each customer has their own story to tell. As an account manager, Bonney collaborates with customers on packaging to help them tell their story. Thankfully, there is something for everyone at Compliant. We manufacture and source our packaging and products from a wide range of vendors to offer a multitude options. While the packaging space is highly competitive, Bonney’s elite customer service sets the bar high. She partners with clients to help them bring their products to life.

“Compliant is always working on new and innovative packaging designs. We strive to create packaging solutions that influence industry standards.”

If you’re in search of a cannabis packaging supplier that will understand your needs, we encourage you to get in touch with Bonney Rowley and the rest of our team! We bring an open mind to all projects and offer creative ideas that will set your cannabis packaging apart. Our commitment to the growth of the cannabis industry is the heart and soul of our company. Contact us today to learn how we can help your brand stand out. Let’s chat!

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