7/10 Is National Dab Day—But What Is Dabbing And Why Is It Celebrated On 7/10?

Cannabis lovers unite over two days throughout the year. The first you’ve most likely heard before—4/20. This day in April is set aside for the celebration of everything cannabis along with its consumption. Although there are a lot of stories out there about the origins of this day, the bottom line is that 4/20 belongs to the marijuana crowd. 

So, what about 7/10? What makes this day so special and connects it to the cannabis craze that has slowly started becoming legal across the United States? Since we recently celebrated at the beginning of the month, we thought we’d fill you in. 

Why do cannabis enthusiasts celebrate 7/10 day?

It’s not as scientific as you might think. If you flip the number 710 on its head, it spells “OIL”. With the amount of concentrated cannabis oils on the market today plus the rise of dabbing, it’s simple to see why this day has become celebrated right along with 4/20. 

As a newer cannabis holiday, 7/10 may not have gained the popularity of 4/20 just yet but based on popular culture and the legality of cannabis coming to most states, it’s not that far behind. 

Dabbing has become a popular way to consume concentrated cannabis oil as the potency of the oil contains much higher amounts of THC. 

what is dabbing?

Now, you may be wondering what in the world is dabbing and no, it’s not the iconic celebratory sports gesture made famous by Cam Newton. 

Dabbing is another form of cannabis consumption different from vaping or smoking in that it uses very concentrated amounts of the plant, mainly in oil form that is then vaporized using a dab tool and meant for inhalation. 

Concentrated amounts of THC is consumed at anywhere between 50-95%, so it’s not recommended for cannabis newbies. Because oil is the primary dabbing product, it’s become a staple to 7/10 Day in which most people also refer to it as Dab Day.

Dab Day

How do people celebrate dab day?

In order to participate in this holiday, it’s important to be prepared. Here are a few things you’ll need: 

  1. Concentrates: oil, resin, budder, or whatever concentrate you prefer. 
  2. Dab Gadgets: dab pens are the easiest to use but if you’re looking for something more, your local dispensary can help point you in the right direction.
  3. Infused Pre-rolls: you don’t necessarily have to dab on dab day to enjoy the concentrated THC levels the day brings. Simply pour concentrated oils of choice to your joint before smoking. 

However you plan to celebrate, be sure to give this day its due and be on the lookout for dispensary discounts—even if you have to wait around 365 more days. It’s worth it.

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