5 Reasons Why High Quality Packaging Will Help Improve Your Brand

Shrooms have entered the chat! Back in the 60’s, when shrooms were tied to the hippie movement and the search for spiritual enlightenment, there really wasn’t a care about how they came to a person. The emphasis on aesthetics wasn’t really a thing. 


Due to the fact that psychedelic drugs were made illegal by the federal government in 1968 nobody was parading them around in fancy packaging. No. You were getting those shrooms in a brown paper bag in the back alley of a Big Boy. 

Fast forward some decades and now we have a much broader acceptance of these naturally occurring psychotropes. With all of their health benefits plus the invention of the internet [insert Al Gore joke here] and TikTok influencers, it’s no wonder that magic mushrooms are having a medical renaissance.

Brands today are taking advantage and the ever crowded shroom industry is becoming inundated. So, the question remains—does my high quality shroom deserve high quality packaging? 

The answer? Abso-freakin-lutely. And here’s a whole hand worth’s why: 

5 Reasons why packaging is important for your brand

When it comes to any type of medicine, protecting the potency and quality of the product is a must—especially with all natural ingredients. Thinking about details like light exposure and moisture-resistant materials should be on the list. Shielding your shrooms from elements will help ensure your customers receive the best, most fresh high quality products on the planet.

Our process at Compliant Packaging is an integral part of how we deliver a higher level of efficiency to our clients and their customers all while helping to reduce costs. 

The role that packaging plays in the safety and security of your product is crucial. Not only do businesses have to think about safety from an ethical point of view but must adhere to legal compliance as well. That’s a lot. Not to mention the packaging labels that need to follow specific regulations for mushrooms, cannabis and other psychotropes that must include: dosage instructions, potential risks, usage guidelines and more. Our special line of child resistant packaging and cannabis packaging is superior to anything out there and we take our job seriously. You can count on us to make sure your mushrooms are safe. 

Building a solid brand is one of a business’ first foundational tasks. In the crowded cannabis and mushroom marketplace, beautiful, premium packaging helps reinforce this. Well-designed packaging is essential to brand reputation, brand recognition and brand reliability. Making a positive impression on the consumer should be a priority. Not only do you communicate your company values, but you can make a memorable splash. Committing to quality, bad-ass packaging is your chance to be remembered and cut through the noise with a higher chance of brand recall. Here at Compliant Packaging, we tell your brand story in a unique way with the variety of packaging we offer and we’re proud of it. Don’t take something like ‘pretty packaging’ for granted because it’s so much more than that. 

Custom packaging that is user friendly can be a big deal for maintaining and improving customer satisfaction. Of course you want your customers to come back, so having aesthetically pleasing packaging for your psilocybin is smart. It can even help enhance people’s perception about your product, allowing them to feel as if they are receiving a product that is cared for and properly handled. As we know perception is huge and can push a consumer to one side or another, so taking your packaging seriously and to the next level of professionalism solidifies your spot in the marketplace.

Don’t miss out on a prime opportunity to educate and inform consumers about your shrooms. You can choose to include information on cultivation, origin, strains and potential benefits. Having bits of information like this can help build trust for your brand and with people who may be new to the mushroom marketplace. Generally, people like to make informed decisions when it comes to purchases but especially when it comes to items they’ll be ingesting for the first time. Think about also including a QR code for additional resources. These types of labels demonstrate your business’ commitment to quality and transparency which can only help give your brand a boost in the future.

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Compliant Packaging is ready to partner with you!

We are a team of product specialists who have over 40 years of experience with industrial and pharmaceutical packaging experience from both the manufacturing and distribution sides of the industry. We’re here to help create the perfect packaging system for your business. Whether you have a single product or a whole line, our custom designs help tell your story plus protect the integrity of your product within the saturated mushroom marketplace. 

If you’re looking for premium packaging that is just as unique as your product, leave the details to us. We’ll take care of everything. Ready to get started? Let’s talk! 

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