The High Points: Memorable Moments From 4/20 Celebrations  

The High Points: Memorable Moments From 4/20 Celebrations  

The history behind why celebrating marijuana happens on 4/20 each year is the epitome of a grassroots movement. Though there are a few conflicting theories on the origins, 420’s first recorded anecdotes came to be known from some scribbled letters written from a group of friends known as the Waldos from Northern California in 1970. 

One of the friend’s brothers was scared of getting busted for a patch of cannabis he was growing in the woods at nearby Point Reyes, so he drew up a map and gave the Waldos permission to go find it. At least that’s how the story is told. One fall in 1971 the group met after school at 4:20pm to go find the cannabis patch. The rest, as they say, is history. 

420 would take on a life of its own and today 420 celebrations are held all over the world. 

America’s Changing Perception Of Marijuana


What Are Some Of The Ways 420 Is Celebrated? 

Cannabis lovers unite on this day every year and of course weed is involved in many forms, but what are the types of celebrations people can join in on? 


The most exciting places will have music festivals with bands and vendors for festival goers to enjoy. The energy is electric and whether you’re a first timer or a superior stoner, these festivals are always a good time. 


Various places, especially those close to Washington D.C., have a specific purpose in gathering on 4/20. This purpose is to garner support from anti-war on drug organizations as well as other retroactive relief projects that aim to decriminalize the marijuana industry. 


Every party has a different style. These parties are specifically for screening those classic stoner movies that put marijuana culture front and center. Movies like Dazed & Confused or The Big Lebowski are shown and people show up in droves to celebrate. 


For those states who are fresh off of the “not legal” list in terms of recreational marijuana, it’s no surprise that they have specifically gathered to celebrate this long hard fight. 

420 Is Good For Cannabis Business 

Obviously on this non-official cannabis holiday, the sales around marijuana products goes through the roof. Think of it as Black Friday where businesses get out of the red. Maybe we switch it to Green Friday, or whatever day it falls on. Think it could catch on? 

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