Compliant Packaging Announces New Director of Sales and Operations

Todd Golden of Compliant Packaging.Compliant Packaging is excited to announce its new director of sales and operations, Todd Golden.

Todd is a dynamic personality who has been in the Cannabis industry for the past 4 years bringing him in contact with multiple states regarding each states’ cannabis regulations and compliance issues.

He brings to Compliant Packaging his compliance expertise along with his well-respected reputation throughout the country. He was the former chief compliance officer for Lightshade of Colorado which owns and operates 3 medical dispensaries, 2 recreational dispensaries and 3 grows.   Todd also brings his organizational and management skills as a former military man having served in both the United States Navy and the Army National Guard.

Additionally, he has been employed by Franwell, a national company that manages the seed to sale tracking programs in Colorado, Oregon, Alaska and Maryland among others, for which he was with project management as a director. Most recently he was with Summit Peak Credit, an asset based non-bank lender to the legal cannabis industry. Under his reigns, Compliant Packaging is well positioned to further establish and maintain its standards for efficient, economical and attractive Child Resistant packaging throughout the United States. Todd shares the Company vision of promoting safe compliant packaging while allowing its customers the ability to brand their names through our packaging professionals’ creative CR design concepts.

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