Welcoming Charles Zeitler to the Compliant Packaging Team

Photo of Charles Zeitler of Compliant PackagingWe are extremely excited to welcome Charles Zeitler the Compliant Packaging team! Charles stepped into his role as Director of Sales last month and has already solidified himself as a key member of the Compliant Packaging family. While his background is not in cannabis packaging, he brings a wealth of knowledge to the table that will help him in leading our sales team.

Charles Zeitler grew up in Williamsport, Pennsylvania and later carved out a path that included: development work at a vocational school in East Africa; restaurant ownership in Greely, Colorado; operations management for industry leaders in hospitality and ecommerce in California; and sales management with an ecommerce retailer in Golden, Colorado. Throughout his multifaceted career Charles has honed his skills in customer service and sales, skills that he plans to leverage in his new role here at Compliant Packaging.

When asked what he attributes his past successes to, Charles says it’s all about the team.

“I have been very fortunate in the past in that I have always had a strong group of competent, smart, people working with me. I am so lucky to have once again stepped into another team of intelligent, passionate, driven people who are already aligned and also really love working together.”

More Than Your Everyday Cannabis Packaging Supplier

As the Director of Sales, Charles Zeitler plans to bring further organization and structure to his team and provide a uniform approach to client service. When asked about his vision for the sales team, Charles wants to ensure we’re doing much more than simply selling cannabis packaging, that we’re meeting our clients’ unique needs.

“We want our customers to be heard and feel understood. And we want to make sure that what we’re offering them is exactly what they’re asking for. A packaging, logistical and branding solution that truly meets their needs. We want them to leave a meeting feeling ecstatic that they took the time to meet with us and be heard. We want to continue to build partnerships and contribute to success stories.”

When he’s not working to build the best cannabis packaging sales team in the industry, Charles likes to spend time with his partner, Katie, and their two daughters. Pre-COVID they spent much of their time enjoying the outdoors with friends; a pastime they hope to resume in 2021! An avid BBQ enthusiast, Charles has been enjoying his time at home fine tuning his craft — a skill the Compliant Packaging Team looks forward to benefiting from in the future!

Another thing Charles is looking forward to in the coming year, “we can’t wait to be able to meet with our clients again in-person!”

Compliant Packaging: Looking Ahead

As we settle into the New Year, no one is more excited than the Compliant Packaging team for the opportunities that lay before us. We are all excited to have Charles at the helm of our sales team and we look forward to growing professionally as a result.

If you’re looking for a partner in your cannabis packaging supplier, who will truly take the time to understand your needs, we encourage you to reach out to Charles Zeitler and the rest of our sales team! We’re here for you today, and always, to meet your needs when it comes to cannabis packaging. Contact us today to learn how we are helping the industry’s leading brands exceed their goals. Let’s talk!

Want to talk now? Give us a call at 303-945-4179 or email us at [email protected].

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